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Shipping & Returns

Because many losses and the acquisition of a number of complaints of fraud, we need to increase our minimum service DPD next day. The service is available byDPD and you can see every step of your package. If you can your mobile number to us, you actually track your package on your smartphone

PM weekdays past orders will be shipped the same day. After leaving orders on Friday will be shipped on Monday.

If it is not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product for 28 days after giving birth to a full refund of the initial payment.

For if it is the product may not, depending on the circumstances, there is no reason to burden of the rescue of the card and credited to your account in two weeks' salary. Every 14 days, they thought that they should do according to the understanding of your bank would Lorem account. We are responsible for all the banks of the compensation process in a refuge, and not suffer, nor will they no longer have to nations.

When the patterns changed their buying habits, according to the plan of income online, you will be 28 days from the date of receipt of goods, to return to a full refund of the product (the original charge). But due to lack to return to the good things, full of things and do not come back for a retreat to the days of 30 of us. You also have a read about your right to cancel the contract within 14 days, so you have 14 days to return goods (see paragraph contract details Cancel). 35 days, you must pay for their purchases of goods or money to take unwanted gift cards (store returns) or eVoucher (stock income).

Incoming e-mail or by courier us hope you are happy with your purchase. Will you give us a good description of your return and send it to the correct form of a code, after the transfer. If you meet the requirements will be returned to this part of the plan, and 28 days in the store or warehouse to our full refund. If 28 days is not to be considered a good return (see below) or get a flight for a gift card to pay for your purchase (if you back to our store) eVoucher or (if you go back to the warehouse).

If you want to change, then we have to go to the store. So within 35 days of receipt of the goods you want, you can also change.

Send do you want to go to the store (including the amount) of goods per day, 28 days after receipt for a full refund to the original method of payment.

If you buy back 28 days after the deadline, you can exchange goods and other merchandise value gift certificate to sell returned goods.

Go back to the store departments, our employees are happy to serve you.

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